Sri Lanka’s east coast wins Red Bull Ride My Wave

Event Time: 7am / Event Location: Arugambay

The surfing kings of Sri Lanka’s east coast can now claim the added title of being the best batch of surfers throughout the island, after they dismantled their counterparts from the south, in the second leg of Red Bull Ride My Wave, held in Arugam Bay last week.

The east entered their home territory holding a decisive 164.8 to 142.3 point edge on the scoresheet, following a surge of scintillating surfing in their opponents’ southern backyard earlier in the year.

However, this in no way guaranteed them ownership of the gold-plated surfboard that would be presented to the victors of Red Bull Ride My Wave, especially since the south coast’s surfing arsenal included some of the sport’s most proven and deadly local guns. Moreover, the south coast team was out for retribution after failing to impress in their own waters.

Nevertheless, as a large crowd of eclectic and enthusiastic spectators began to throng the beach on the opening day of action, the east coast surfers began to exert a tight chokehold on the contest.

Eventually, they rode away to a comprehensive 96.9 to 41.8 point win over the south on the first day, before replicating their dominance during the two ensuing days, with 104.8 to 67.3 and 87.25 to 34 point victories that handed them an overall tally of 288.95 points to the south’s 143.1.